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How does it works


Easy to manage all your college events through the application

Post the college event and sit back. College Insider manages all the aspects of events via application.

Easy to find and register/Buy Tickets

College Insider makes college events super simple by providing a platform to have access, register and buy tickets. No more contacting organisers and sending screenshots of money transfer to register.

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App Advanced Features

Easy to Use

Simple and elegant UI makes the event registration or management process easy to handle.

Full Protection

All the details are stored securely and shared only to identify a student at the place of the event,privacy is respected.

Interest Based

Events are proposed according to the interest and the remaining events will be grouped, and of course,you can search for an event based on the preference.

No Fake Ticket

Faking tickets is a popular activity in a college. no more a getting mislead since the platform provides a highly encrypted QR code.

Hassle Free

Easy ticket registration with the help of digital database to the attendees to the organisers, so everyone can enjoy college events.


No need to worry about lost or damaged ticket since the application provides E-ticket, go electronic, and save the earth.

Collaboration and Team Members

Events can be collaborated with colleagues in order to avoid privileges for both organiser and the group, the team leader can buy the ticket and he/she can add team members with their email.

Easy Registration

Enter/Edit personal details on your account's page.

Real-Time Event Management

Get access to all the details of the attendees which are needed to verify them, all the details are updated instantly and seamlessly.

Attendee's Authentication

The application provides scanners which will be used to authenticate the authenticity of the participants.

Money Matters

Handling money during event registration is a big headache. With College Insider you don't need to worry about the money, the payment will be transferred to the respected bank account directly.

Location Guidance

View the location of the event through the map filters of your choice.

Secure Payment

All payments are done through UPI.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winning an event is not a simple task why lose that credibility. We feature the winner's name and college in our app so that winner will be known to all.

We made event organising lot easier.

Post your college event

Fill out the details about your event and post it. just like that anyone from India can look at your event and attend them.

Get paid right on time

Your ticket payments will be transferred to your bank account the next day. you can view all these details inside your event.

Quick Access

All your sold tickets/registration details will be available to you at any time you like.

College Insider is free to use.
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